Kevin Cheah

Professional Makeup Artist Represented by Kramer+ Kramer 

Over the last 5 years working in the fashion industry, I've developed a strong and unique perspective as a makeup artist. I started my career as a bridal makeup artist, and have found myself progressively moving into the areas of high fashion and couture makeup styling. Because of this, both professional and personally, each day I challenge myself to push my skills and cultivate a deeper connection between fashion and art.

Through my dedication and hard work I have found many rewards over the last 3 years working here in the New York City fashion industry. Each day I am over-joyed to have the opportunity to work with a variety of extremely talented individuals. These connections have opened up a world of wonderful collaborations in which we create remarkable works of art! Recently, I've finished several projects for major international outlets like Vogue Italia, Marie Claire, i-D Italy, Dazed China, Cosmopolitan, and Converse to name a few.

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